School - Compass Collegiate Academy

Compass Collegiate Academy

CCA is driven by the following core beliefs for its school model:

All Means All

The school operates with a non-negotiable belief in the potential of every child. Every adult employed at the school has the mindset that every scholar can achieve at high levels irrespective of a scholar’s family income, disability, language proficiency or prior developmental experience.

Rigorous Curriculum

The school’s rigorous curriculum and academic program is designed to assist scholars to acquire a foundation of knowledge and advanced literacy skills in the early grades that will prepare scholars to undertake higher order analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking skills in later grades.

An Intentional Commitment to Scholar Social and Emotional Growth

Preparing scholars for successful secondary and postsecondary pursuits involves growing both sharp minds and big hearts. CCA focuses on helping scholars to better understand their own identities, their communities, and how to successfully build relationships with peers across lines of difference. Scholars develop character strengths such as kindness, determination, curiosity, gratitude and integrity and to be better equipped to positively impact their diverse local communities and world at large.

High-quality Staff

The school has a robust hiring and development model based on some of the nation’s best public schools to ensure a high-quality teaching and learning environment for scholars. Teachers and leaders are respected as skilled practitioners and professionals in a culture that prioritizes continuous growth and development for adults as well as scholars.

Personalized Learning through Data-Driven Instruction

Through a continuous cycle of assessment, analysis, and action, the school identifies personalized needs to close academic gaps while also differentiating instruction for scholars with more advanced achievement.

Parental Involvement and Intentional Community

The school values families as partners in the academic growth and human development of scholars. Families can expect regular updates on scholar progress and frequent phone communication, as well as availability with their scholar’s teacher and open doors to the school. CCA intentionally cultivates a supportive school community among diverse families.