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High-Quality, Tuition-Free.

Compass Collegiate Academy (CCA) is a new, tuition-free public charter school in Charleston, South Carolina currently serving scholars in Kindergarten and 1st grade. CCA is still accepting K-1 applications for the current 2021-22 school year.

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What Type Of School Is CCA?

CCA is a 100% tuition-free charter school with no admission-testing requirements, authorized by the South Carolina Public Charter School District. Unlike a regular public school with zoned student enrollment, CCA is a state public charter school, meaning that scholars can attend CCA living in any neighborhood in Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester County. If applications exceed available seats, scholars are enrolled based on a lottery.

What Grades Does CCA Serve?

CCA opened with Kindergarten and 1st grade in August of 2021. CCA will add a new Kindergarten class each year and grow existing grades to a full K-8 school until CCA is a full Kindergarten through 8th grade elementary and middle school.

Our Mission

Compass Collegiate Academy provides every scholar with the academic foundation and strong habits that inspire and cultivate lifelong learners who lead purposeful, civic lives.

Where Is CCA Be Located?

The CCA campus is strategically located at 34 Race Street in a new building to serve a diversity of families living on the Charleston peninsula and in North Charleston.

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What Makes CCA Different?

100% Tuition-Free

100% Tuition-Free

As a public school authorized by the state of South Carolina, CCA is entirely tuition-free. The only difference is that you choose CCA – your scholar is not zoned to attend CCA by a school district.

Prepares For Lifelong Success

To prepare scholars for successful secondary and postsecondary pursuits, CCA provides an advanced academic learning environment balanced with a daily focus on social and emotional learning to help scholars better understand their own identities, communities, and build positive relationships with peers.

Personalized Attention

Through a continuous cycle of assessment, analysis, and action, CCA will identify personalized needs to close academic gaps while also differentiating custom instruction for more advanced scholars.